Nightmare Diaries

Are you ready for the most terrifying show you've ever seen… or is it? Turn the lights off and hold that teddy bear tight, because you're about to spiral into your worst nightmares… Nightmare Diaries that is! 

Nightmare Diaries is an animatio anthology hosted by

the quirky demon host Bogie! Join him  in his lair as he tells stories from his precious book of horror. Unfortunately for Bogie, his book is far from horror and he's nothing more than a goofball who can't do anything right. His stories begin creepy with visuals of gore, scary effects and monsters… but they all end up humorous. This is one horror comedy you don't want to miss.

"Nightmare Diaries, coming to a tomb near you!"

- Bogie

Created By: Jimmy Scanlon

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Even the most terrifying demon you've ever seen screws up.... every now and then.